Frequently Asked Questions: 

Gear and Apparel

Q:  Can I order a t-shirt, gear bag or other apparel?

A:  Requests for orders will go out to the dojo two times a year (Spring and Fall).  Please look for an email from a Senpai for a call for orders.

Q:  What kinds of gear and apparel are offered?

               A:  Short Sleeve T-shirts

                     Long Sleeve T-shirts

                    Sparring Gear bags

                    Hooded Sweatshirts

Q:  How do I order a gi (uniform) or sparring gear?

A:  Please contact Sensei Ralph

Q:  What kind of sparring gear should I order?

A:  Lil’ Tigers and Junior Dragons need hand and foot pads and head gear.  Junior Black Belt and above need 4 oz hand pads and shin and instep protection.  Please note, students less than 13 years of age are required to have head gear.  All students are required to wear a mouth guard.  Male students are required to wear a protective cup at all times, as it is part of the uniform.

Rank and Testing

Q:  What do the tips on a student’s belt mean?

A:  The color of the tip signifies what rank (or kyu) the student will test for next.  For example, if the tip is yellow, the next rank will be solid yellow (9th kyu).

Q:  How often will a student test for a new rank?

A:  Students will test based on their number of hours of dojo training time.  Each rank has a minimum number of hours in order to be considered for their next rank.  Attitude and other personal attributes also weigh in on when a student will test next.  Generally speaking, students test 1-2 times a year.


Q:  How can I be added to the dojo email notification list?

A:  Please email us and ask to be added to the distribution list. 

 Q:  Can I contact Sensei directly?

A:  If you need Sensei’s immediate assistance, you may email him directly.